Imagination Network



The Imagination Network is a monthly get-together at each CODP campus, that is open to anyone with a love and passion for photography, even if you haven't done one of our courses.

A modern version of the camera club, it is the ideal way of staying in touch with your photography and other like-minded people - everyone is Welcome! CODP will help inspire and motivate you to keep on photographing and growing as a photographer.

Each month covers a fascinating technique of photography, videography or editing, and there is even the occasional outing. When the opportunity arises a guest speaker pops in, to share their amazing experiences and images with you.

If you have any queries please feel free to call the College of Digital Photography on 086 11 74686 (PHOTO) or

Lesson Schedules

Venue Details

Norscot, Manor, Recreation, Centre, 16b, Penguin, Drive,, Norscot,, Fourways, 2055, Johannesburg, GPS, Coordinates, -26.0356°, /, 28.0073